Toni A. Bucher

Associate Consultant since 1999

Trainer and Advisor, Founder and Managing Director of the company forumA in Bern, since 1997. Federal Diploma: Export Management.

Toni Bucher’s major contribution has been his concept for integrated human resource development, aimed at challenging and strengthening both individuals and organizations. His priority themes are: leadership, creativity, negotiation, sales, teamwork, team leadership and personal development.

Toni can draw on much practical experience as a negotiator in competitive national and international markets. He occupied leading positions for the Sandoz and Novartis Group over a 23 year period, in marketing, sales, export, human resources and staff training.

His publication: ‘Client and Sales Partners during Merger Processes ’was published in ‘Visions for Fusions‘ by publishers A&O des Wissens, Zurich and Hamburg, in 1999. (Chapter and book title translated from German.)

Languages: German (Native Speaker), French and English