ZfU – Learning as a Journey

The ZfU is the leading private Swiss business school, delivering roughly 450 public and 400 in-house educational events per year. ZfU sees itself as a holistic institution, and aims to deliver 'State of the Art Professional Education' to representatives of middle and upper management. All content on offer is designed to be practiceable and directly applicable to the real world of the participants. Egger Philips has been working with ZfU for over 20 years.

Benefits for the Participants:

  • They will acquire an understanding of 'Open negotiation based on the Harvard-Concept®' at a ZfU event, and at the same time intensively train the following competencies:
  • Familiarity with the “Harvard-Concept®”, a simple and universally applicable negotiation template, one which will help tme to achieve long-term win-win results in even the most difficult of situations, in a reliable but also flexible way.
  • Enhanced awareness of their own natural negotiation style, attained themselves, and also supported bypersonal feedback and coaching; participants will come to understand what really counts in target-focused negotiations.
  • Training in concrete negotiation situations from their own practice, thus increasing mental, social and communicative competence even in challenging situations
  • Discovery of new ways to steer their interests together with the interests of their negotiation partner towards a common denominator that both can support.  


Negotiation competence: be successful even when the negotiation is difficult. How you can make the most of your strengths and realign your mindset towards win-win results.

Strategy and tactics: dealing firmly and crisply with the content of the negotiation, but gently an empathetically with the people on the other side of the table..   You will learn to optimize your negotiation style and also build your toolbox of competencies in a targeted way.

Negotiation process: intervening constructively and to discover and attain value for both sides. You will also learn to rebalance power and successfully overcome gridlock.

Negotiation Success: Mutual respect flowing from a professional approach.   We help you create sustainable benefits for all parties in a spirit of openness and clarity.


Short inputs, presentations and discussions alternate with interactive exercises and role-plays of structured case studies. As requested by participants, further role-plays and their analysis can be based on real world negotiation situations from the participants own practice. Our emphasis is on practice and feedback, and we strive for the active participation of all.