Participants' Voices

Online Training

"I am very proud of the first successful roll-out of this format. I am also thankful for the trainers' confident way of handling challenges and their expertise in the virtual roll-out."
- Hannes Kapplusch, HR Product Lead at DB Academy

"This format by Egger Philips is the ultimate opposite of what you'd call 'death by PowerPoint'."
- Simon Oakley, Academy Director at Zimmer Biomet

"First I was sceptical if such a demanding program could work online. Now I'm amazed."

"This is a best-practice for a virtual training that creates value and, additionally, is a lot of fun."

Public Training Sessions:

“Most of our upper management took part in one of your Open Negotiation Courses. Based on negotiation results we’ve achieved in practice I can conclude: this is the best investment that we’ve ever made.”

“The trainer struck the right balance: absolutely serious and competent, and nevertheless able to coordinate the group with a certain ease. This allowed a great group dynamic to develop: open, concentrated and intensive.”

“The trainer presented the various examples step by step, and in so doing showed what the model is capable of. I personally enjoyed the two days very much, and there is much I can take back into my daily work.”

“Would recommend to anyone – if you’re looking to get more for yourselves – and, simultaneously more for your negotiation partner – out of future negotiations


“Now we’ve got a grip on our truly difficult suppliers, thanks to your methods. I received very positive feedback from all my colleagues.”
D.H., Head of Global Project Purchasing

“Thanks to your in-house Negotiation Training we’ve been able to significantly reduce our staff training budget – your all-encompassing approach and efficient method of teaching meant that we were able to cut out a variety of other subjects. Highest satisfaction for all concerned. That really was tailor-made, and at a price which is entirely worth it.”
E.S., H.R.-Director

“As a very critical participant normally, I have to give top grades here: logical, clear, efficient and empathetic. A rare combination and, seen from a cost / benefit perspective, a worth-while investment. And it was fun!”
P.M., International Key Account Management