Dr. Claudio Weiss

Senior Associate Consultant since 1985. And Company Partner.

Since 1985 Dr. Weiss has worked through his one-man company – Dr. Weiss, awareness management ( www.awareman.ch) – to advise and educate entrepreneurs, management leaders and skilled employees in the areas of Leadership, Inner Conviction, Negotiation, Self-development, Cultural Development, Team Quality, Quality of Achievement and Identity.

Cooperation with Egger Philips since it was founded in 1985.

Substantive contribution to the further development of the ‘Open negotiation based on the Harvard-Concept®’, in a way appropriate to the European context. Current development project: multilateral negotiations.

Publication: ‘The Delphic Principle’ (original German title: ‘Das Delphi Prinzip’). Providing psychological and philosophical background – to negotiation, and other subjects..

Since 2002 Dr. Weiss has been involved in research, measurement and utilization of different mentalities, value systems and profession-specific tendencies: all with great relevance for negotiation.

Languages: German (Native Speaker) and English.

claudio.weiss @ eggerphilips.ch