Our Concept

Mediation is a negotiation between conflict parties which is supported by a neutral third party, As such, this is one of the core competencies of Egger, Philips & Partner. Our approach to mediation is based on the Harvard-Concept® and pursues two main aims:

  • Optimal satisfaction of the needs of all parties
  • Preserving or even improving working relationships for future transactions

Our mediation work is primarily concentrated in the fields of business and in the public sector.

Our company founder, Ulrich Egger, is one of Switzerland's most respected pioneers in the field of business mediation. Not only has he been regularly active for years as a mediator, he was also the initiator, co-founder and founding president of the Institute for Mediation, a non-profit organization founded in 1994, devoted to promoting out-of-court conflict resolution.

Our Offerings

Egger, Philips & Partner offers full-length training programs as well as shorter training workshops in the field of mediation. With our program 'Opportunities in Mediation' we belong to first institutes providing a mediation training that has been recognized by the Swiss Bar Association (SAV) and that leads to the title of 'Mediator SAV'. But our trainings are not only designed for lawyers, but are rather relevant for concerned parties from a wide range of professional backgrounds. We also strongly focus on the further training of already qualified mediators,regardless of gender.  

Egger, Philips & Partner can also provide aexperienced and qualified mediators for consultation in particular real world disputes, at the service of companies, government authorities, interest groups and private individuals. Our negotiation experience and independence ensures a competent and neutral role in the arbitration and communication of the results of the dispute settlement. In this work, we cooperate closely with Mediartis AG. The best thing is to simply contact us directly, so that we can plan next steps together with you.