Swiss-American Chamber of Commerce

Incorporated as a non-profit organization, the Swiss-American Chamber of Commerce plays an active role supporting Swiss business in the US, as well as US business in Switzerland. Especially because the Chamber does not normally host or execute seminars, we are honored to be the only advisory organization to which the Chamber offers a platform for hosting public,English language events on the subject of 'negotiation'.

What is unique about our seminars, training courses and workshops, as offered under the auspices of this cooperation framework, is the focus on intercultural aspects, particularly as concerns negotiation in and with the English speaking world.

Egger Philips and the Swiss-American Chamber of Commerce regularly offer a half day short workshop to leaders and managers of all levels, and from all industries.   –Membership of the Chamber of Commerce is not a requirement.

Benefits for the Participants:

  • You will have the opportunity to work intensively on negotiation issues in today's fast-moving world, this through the medium of the English language.
  • You will be given a conceptual framework for mastering challenging negotiations.
  • You will discover how you can be successful in such situations.
  • You will be afforded a chance to share your experience of intercultural negotiations with the workshop leaders and with other participants.


Short presentations,   alternating with interactive discussions, exercises and role-plays.