Management Forum Starnberg

Our Open Enrollment Training Courses in Germany and Austria are offered exclusively in cooperation with the Management Forum Starnberg, a well-known provider of first-class conferences and seminars.

Our Objectives:

  • Further develop your own negotiation style, live, and with the help of personal coaching
  • Train concrete negotiation situations from your own practice
  • Prepare talks and negotiations in an optimal fashion
  • Increase mental, social and communicative competence
  • Experience the Harvard®-Concept as a reliable negotiation instrument
  • Steer the course of talks and negotiation processes
  • Achieve long-term win-win results in the most difficult of situations 


As a leading-manager, you're conducting negotiations every day, on many different levels – and are always striving to achieve good results. You know when a successful negotiation output has been achieved, when all participants are able to take a 'win' with them, away from the negotiations. Getting this far however, requires much more than just bargaining about pre-determined positions. 'Open negotiation based on the Harvard-Concept®' represents the development of an efficient negotiating strategy, which goes much further than this. In this training course you won't just acquire the necessary knowledge about every building-block of the negotiation process – you'll also get intensive training in concrete negotiation situations, allowing you to take valuable tools back into your negotiation practice.

The Methodology:

Compact inputs, presentations and discussions are alternated with exercises and role-plays of structured case-studies. These are worked through with help of video recordings and analysis. Depending on individual wishes, analysis and role-plays based on real negotiation situations drawn from the participants own practice. Practicing and training is a major priority, as is actively involving all participants in doing so.