Open Enrollment Seminars

Most of our Open Enrollment Negotiation Seminars are conducted under cooperative partnerships with a number of respected institutions, organizations and professional bodies. The seminars offered within the frameworks of these agreements are advertised by each respective partner under various titles, e.g. 'Professional Negotiation', 'Successful Negotiation – How To Do it' or 'Why Train Negotiation?'

In addition, a number of these seminars were designed for specific constituencies, with content that is either geared to particular professions or to particular business functions.   Detailed. brochures and announcements, with information regarding particular seminar objectives, designated audiences and pricing can be requested either from us directly or from our respective cooperation partners.

The content of all Open Enrollment Negotiation Seminars as described in our current literature is based on 'Open negotiation based on the Harvard-Concept®', and the trainers engaged are exclusively authorized specialists, all of whom have been trained by Egger Philips. Egger Philips thus bears responsibility for all content and delivery of these seminars.