Open negotiation based on the Harvard-Concept®

Negotiation capacity building – Foundations

To ensure a sustainable and tangible effect on our customers’ negotiation skills, we support them for between several months and a year, depending on their needs.
Our target group are negotiators in leading positions engaged in various functions such as purchasing, sales, project management, legal matters, real estate.

Benefits for the participants

Our programmes are interactive and fine-tuned to the participants’ individual needs thanks to tailored preparation. Intensive training in small groups based on our circular model “Open negotiation based on the Harvard Concept”  enables each participant to develop a feeling and understanding for the dynamics of a negotiation process; to directly put the theoretical skills acquired into practice; and to obtain immediate, professional feedback. Participants are given continuous, up-to-date input for their negotiations, in addition to a digital feedback tool,  to consolidate what they have learned and to transform theory into practice. The programme is rounded off by one-on-one coaching.

The list below outlines programme modules, which are tailored to participants’ needs and fine-tuned to the situation:

• Controlling the negotiation process securely and competently 

• Negotiation strategy: “Open negotiation based on the Harvard Concept®” 

• Confidence in dealing with difficult negotiation partners 

• Development of specific communication skills for targeted negotiation 

• Optimal negotiation preparation and team preparation 

• Review and enhancement of individual negotiation styles

• Constructive handling of power and manipulation