Our Objectives

In our training sessions we set a number of concrete objectives:

We want each participant to acquire a feeling for and an understanding of the process of negotiation, its meaning, and its choreography. Also, we want her to properly judge when it is perhaps best not to negotiate. 

We teach fairly deep contextual material surrounding the Harvard-Concept and work concertedly with participants in applying our Negotiation Circle – ‘Open negotiation based on the Harvard-Concept®’ – a tool that is flexibly but universally applicable.

We test everything that emerges from our seminars as empirically as possible, if possible immediately in real time during the training sessions: exercises, case studies, short sequences from real-world negotiations with direct feedback, roleplays, video analysis and individual feedback. We make it our priority to always transform theory directly into practice.

This sort of experiential and interactive training allows each participant an opportunity to to try out the concepts even outside their comfortzone, thus quickly internalizing the new content.

In all of this, the we put particular emphasis on working with our participants in a collaborative, confidential and content-oriented way.

What matters to us: 
Your Negotiation Success.