Our Philosophy

We’re convinced that, in a world defined by interconnectedness and dependencies, ‘good negotiation’ is a decisive success factor, and should therefore be part of core competencies – especially for leading managers. We live in a world of ever increasing connectivity, which leads to infinite contact points, i.e. potential conflict points. That’s why solving conflicts in a constructive and profitable fashion for all participants is becoming ever more a challenge and an essential capability.

Our negotiations model draws strongly on a ‘win-win-philosophy’. But it also considers the challenges of dealing with negotiation partners who come from an entirely different culture, especially those with a Win-Lose ethic

We’veconsolidated our training and consulting under the heading ‘Open negotiation based on the Harvard-Concept®.’ For us, this overall term covers almost all conceivable forms and varieties of communication between people, and does justice to the interests of extremely varied target audiences, including entrepreneurs, leading managers (responsible for strategic purchase, advice, sales, project management, mergers & acquisitions, joint ventures, team development and many other areas), attorneys, heads of professional associations, management consultants and politicians.

Our international advisory team, enriched by a wide array of disciplines and multicultural backgrounds, pays particular attention to the task of bridge-building between different cultures.