Our Philosophy

We are convinced that in a networked and interdependent world, "good negotiation" is a crucial success factor and must therefore be one of the core competencies - especially for managers. We live in a world of increasing interconnectedness, with an infinite number of points of contact and thus conflict. Therefore, it is increasingly becoming a challenge and an obligation to resolve conflicts constructively and profitably for all parties involved.

Our negotiation model is based on the "win-win philosophy". It also takes into account dealing with people who represent a completely different negotiation culture, such as winner-loser strategies.

We have summarized our training and consulting services under the term "Open Negotiation according to the Harvard Concept®". This means that we cover almost every conceivable type and form of interpersonal communication and can take into account the interests of a wide range of target groups, such as entrepreneurs, executives (with responsibilities in strategic purchasing, consulting and sales, project management, mergers & acquisitions, joint ventures, team development, etc.), lawyers, association managers, management consultants and politicians.

With an international, professionally very broadly based and multiculturally composed team of consultants, we also pay special attention to building bridges between different cultures.