Our partner on global issues: Centre for Multilateral Negotiations

Vision and mission:

  • The Centre for Multilateral Negotiations works towards fostering deeper cooperation on key global challenges by enabling more effective negotiation processes. It thereby strives to contribute to the global public good.
  • Incorporating a wealth of knowledge and experience in multilateral negotiations, the project offers tailor-made advice on specific challenges as well as general training in multilateral negotiations. The project maintains a central knowledge repository on negotiation management based on practical experience and rigorous academic research. It seeks to reduce the loss of expertise caused by changing negotiation hosts, to spread best practices, and to contribute to better negotiation outcomes.

Selected Endorsements:

  • “This is a great initiative, which I fully support. In multilateral negotiations, the quality of the process is as important as the substance in order to reach significant agreements.” Patricia Espinosa, UNFCCC Executive Secretary since 2016
  • “This project represents a great opportunity to provide negotiation chairs with facilitation best practices, and thereby accelerate the crafting of multilateral agreements on trade and other global issues.” Pascal Lamy, Director-General of the World Trade Organization, 2005-2013

Lighthouse Project: Negotiation Management Workshop on the UN climate negotiations 2016

  • Negotiation management advice for Moroccan Presidency of UN climate negotiations for 2016.
  • Attendees of Government of Morocco, e.g. ministers, and international high-level climate practitioners, e.g. former Mexican Foreign Minister, former UNFCCC Executive Secretary.
  • Sponsored by the German Environment Ministry and Society for International Cooperation.


Please, visit http://cemune.org to learn more about their offer.