Egger Philips – Experts in negotiation for over 30 years

We have provided consultancy and formal training for negotiators for the last 30 years, reaching 40’000 participants and over 1’000 clients.

We are the only non-academic European negotiation company licensed by Harvard.

Each consultancy is customized to your individual needs. We train in a highly interactive way, using your case studies to ensure direct application.

Our clients report that our work has greatly improved their internal and external negotiations leading to tangible real-world successes.

eLearning-Award winners 2019 & 2021.

Book Recommendation

This has been the classic volume on negotiation techniques for over 25 years. Written by Roger Fisher, William Ury and Bruce Patton: 2012 edition.

Winners of the eLearning-Award 2021

In cooperation with our reference partner, the Deutsche Bahn, we are now officially the winners of the eLearning-Award 2021 in the category "Conception".

This is a wonderful acknowledgement for the quality of our new Online-Training which we designed over the course of last year in reaction to the pandemic. This training is nothing short of our on-site workshops' interactivity and sustainability! See for yourself.

NEW: Intensive webinars for small groups

Negotiation competence makes a significant difference in your performance in both in business and politics. And yet: we find significant potential for improvement at nearly every client. We create lasting value for you.

  • Establishing lasting relationships in business
  • Winning major orders
  • Increasing margins
  • Improving processes
  • Reaching agreements between management and unions
  • Ensuring sustainable transformation processes
  • Optimizing M&As


Quotes from customers and attendees

„Thanks to your in-house Negotiation Training we’ve been able to significantly reduce our staff training budget – your all-encompassing approach and efficient way of proceeding meant that we were able to cut out a variety of other subjects. Highest satisfaction for all concerned. This really was tailor-made, and at a price which is entirely worth it.“

E.S., Director of Human Resources

„As a very critical participant normally, I have to give top grades here: logical, clear, efficient and empathetic. A rare combination and, seen from a cost / benefit perspective, a worth-while investment. And it was fun!“

D.H., Head of Global Project Purchasing

„The trainer struck the right balance: absolutely serious and competent, and nevertheless able to coordinate the group with a certain ease. This allowed a great group dynamic to develop: open, concentrated and intensive.“

Participant on an Open Training Course

„Would recommend to anyone – if you’re looking to get more for yourselves – and, simultaneously more for your negotiation partner – out of future negotiations.

D.H., Head of Global Project Purchasing


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