Our Coaching Concept

Personal Coaching and Feedback can significantly improve the quality of preparation for and debriefing after a negotiation. This is so particularly in complex situations, involving several parties or when the working relationship between negotiators has become compromised.

A competent coaching process will motivate the client to actually do the 'homework' that can truly change behavior and bring about results.   These clients can then approach their negotiations tin a more masterful, relaxed and open manner, successfully balancing both focus on the essentials with a larger vision for the total context

All of this can be applied to real-world negotiations with far-reaching consequences, such as:

  • Labor/management disputes
  • Complex large-scale project management
  • Difficult price negotiations / Framework agreements
  • Cooperation agreements and joint ventures
  • Setting targets and managing people in the field of Human Resources

Our Goalsetting Process

Goalsetting is a critical element of any coached preparation for a negotiation, and enables the client to:

  • Develop a 'Road Map' for a more professional negotiating process in the spirit of 'Open negotiation based on the Harvard-Concept®'
  • Pose the right questions which are critical for the success of the negotiation, refine these questions in an objective way, and receive clear answers to them
  • Gain flexibility around content by becoming more confident about process

All our coaches and mentors can draw on many years of personal and practical experience as negotiators themselves. As successful practitioners, they not only understand the theory of negotiation, but can offer useful guidance rooted in realtime experience

If you are interested in coaching or advisory consultations about negotiations, please do not hesitate to contact us.