Négociation ouverte basée sur le Concept d'Harvard®

Renforcement des capacités de négociation - Consolidation

Grâce à notre programme de consolidation, qui dure plusieurs mois, les négociateurs expérimentés occupant des postes de direction peuvent consolider et perfectionner les connaissances et les compétences acquises dans le programme de base.

Benefits for the participants

Participants’ real-life, complex cases and the specific challenges of their negotiation practice are examined during a in-depth preparation period. Based on this, we deliver tailor-made on-site training to refresh and strengthen the core elements of the Harvard Concept (link) and consolidate the relevant subjects. The training focuses on the interactive application of theoretical skills and individual, detailed feedback for each participant. When the participants put their theoretical skills into practice, we promote peer-to-peer coaching and participants’ exchange with each other. At the same time, we offer professional and personal input for consolidation. Participants are supported by a digital feedback tool which measures their negotiation skills in real-time.

The list below outlines programme modules, which are tailored to participants’ needs and fine-tuned to the situation:

• Consolidating the most important insights gained in the foundation programme including the circular model

• Interactive application and fine-tuning of negotiation skills based on the Harvard Concept

• Theoretical input for consolidation-level subjects, such as complexity, internal conflict, dealing with emotions and inter-cultural negotiations

• Dynamic simulations to apply consolidation subjects in practice