Open negotiation based on the Harvard-Concept®

'Negotiating for Sellers – Beyond Haggling Over Terms

Brief Description:

A seminar specifically designed for leaders and managers on the front line to the customer, who are therefore primarily engaged in selling. As always guided by practical applications, these participants will introduced to open negotiation based on the Harvard-Concept and its particular application to the art of selling.

Appropriate Audience:

Leaders, managers, decisionmakers, members of the Executive Board, negotiators from all industries, but especially those engaged in marketing and sales on the front line with the costomer, whether that be B2B, a wholesaler, a retailer or an end user,  

Typical Dynamics and Challenges in Selling

  • How to build a partnership and a relationship of trust with your customers.
  • How to engage customers in a joint search for creative solutions
  • How to come to an agreement on terms that are fair for both sides.
  • How to conduct effective negotiations rather than getting bogged down in tedious and grueling haggling.
  • How to avoid unsatisfactory 'lazy' compromises.
  • Negotiating Strategy: 'Open negotiation based on the Harvard-Concept®'
  • Negotiating Process: Bringing about win-win solutions.
  • Optimal Preparation: structured, systematic and effective.
  • Negotiating in a Team.
  • Negotiating in challenging situations and with difficult opponents.

Benefits for the Participants:

  • You will come to understand and experience the advantages of a clear ‘win-win strategy’.
  • You will engage intensively with the principles of ‘Open negotiation based on the Harvard-Concept®’.
  • You will have an opportunity to evaluate your own natural negotiating style.
  • You will increase your ability to achieve optimal results in a systematic and focused way.
  • You will acquire some valuable practical tools, tested in practice.
  • You will learn to recognize manipulation and deal with it effectively.
  • You will work on your own specific negotiating situations, both individually and in a team.
  • You will increase your mental, social and communicative capabilities.
  • You will get in shape for challenging negotiations in the real world.


  • Short inputs and presentations
  • Dynamic interactive exercises
  • Active role-plays in experiential case studies
  • Video recordings and analysis
  • Individual feedback

Time required: This training lasts for 2 days or more, depending on specific structure and contents.


Participants will receive the seminar documentation in electronic form, as well as a copy of the book, 'Getting to Yes'.

Certificate: Participants receive writtten certification of participation at the end of the seminar.