Open negotiation based on the Harvard-Concept®

'Advanced “Refresher” Training'

Brief Description:

Advanced “refresher”negotiation training for leaders and managers seeking to revisit and refresh their negotiation knowledge since their participation in the basic training, and to take those skills further. In this workshop, we focuse especially on difficult negotiation situations, primarily based on the participants’ own experience, as well as learning how to deal more effectively with dirty tricks and manipulation. We also explore the key concept of power in greater depth. 

Appropriate Audience:

  • Negotiators who've already completed a basic training course
  • Members of the Executive Board
  • Leaders, managers and decision makers, whose negotiation abilities are likely to have a significant impact on the company's success


  • Consolidation/refreshment of key lessons from the basic seminar.
  • Working through and reviewing practical negotiation experiences since participating in a basic seminar.
  • Dealing with particular negotiation challenges such as ,time pressure, dirty tricks, stress, unpleasant negotiation partners, culturally specific aspects and multilateral negotiations.)
  • Individual coaching focused on the participant's realtime upcoming negotiations.   


  • Short inputs, exercises, active negotiations / role-plays (with video recording and analysis), feedback.
  • Analysis / Role-plays based on current negotiation problems of the individual participants.
  • The focus is on practice and feedback, as well as active participation of all.           

Time required: The training takes one or two days, depending on specific structure and contents.

Certificate:  Participants receive written confirmation of participation at the end of the seminar.